"Making the distinction between missing persons and unidentified bodies is never an easy task; however the "not knowing" is far worse than any news given."

Attempt To Identify helps to link missing person cases (often due to human trafficking) with unidentified "John & Jane Doe" remains. We work countless case files and also assist with missing person cases which do not involve custody issues. Awareness and resources on human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation are finally prominently available to the both law enforcement across the board as well as the general public and we want to help that process.

The primary purpose of Attempt To Identify is to aid local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as national missing persons organizations in the difficult task of identifying John & Jane Doe cases to missing person case files which often involve human trafficking; though we also search out all other possibilities. We are determined to continue to help bring the numbers of open cases of the unidentified and missing down to zero!

Statistics Don't Lie
As of December 31, 2015, NCIC contained 84,961 active missing person records. Juveniles under the age of 18 account for 33,052 (38.9%) of the records and 42,032 (49.5%) records when juveniles are defined as under 21 years of age.* During 2015, 634,908 missing person records were entered into NCIC, an increase of .1% from the 634,155 records entered in 2014. Missing Person records purged during the same period totaled 634,742. Reasons for these removals include: a law enforcement agency located the subject, the individual returned home, or the record had to be removed by the entering agency due to a determination that the record is invalid. This is why filing a report in every case, every time is needed; to bring down the numbers and show an accurate account for those who are missing.

The Missing Person Circumstances (MPC) field is optional and has been available since July 1999 when the NCIC 2000 upgrade became operational. Of the 634,908 records entered in 2015, the MPC field was utilized in 313,403 (49.4%). When the MPC field was utilized in 2015 entries, 300,044 (95.7%) were coded as Runaway, 2,260 (.7%) as Abducted by Non-custodial Parent, 325 (.1%) as Abducted by Stranger, and 10,774 (3.4%) as Adult – Federally required entry. In 2014, the MPC field was utilized in 314,523 (49.5%) of the 635,155 records. As of December 31, 2015, there were 8,407 unidentified person records in NCIC. During 2015, 850 unidentified person records were entered into NCIC, a decrease of 3% from the 876 records entered in 2014.* The records entered in 2015 consisted of 626 (73.6%) deceased unidentified bodies, 5 (.6%) unidentified catastrophe victims, and 219 (25.8%) living persons who could not ascertain their identity. In 2015, 740 records were canceled or cleared by the entering agency for reasons such as the remains being identified or the record being invalid. This was a 21.5% increase over the 609 records canceled in 2014. * Attempt To Identify helps the families, friends and organizations who open these cases bring them to a close.

Let's continue to bring these numbers down!

What We Are Doing To Make A Difference
We at Attempt To Identify will do our best to solve/close any case presented! No matter if it is a new case or a 40 year old cold case; we will put all of our efforts, resources and contacts into each case we work.

Though we have been constantly working on multiple cases over the last 10 years, we focus in on specific cases which are able to benefit most by our volunteers and resources. We feel that by taking on one case at a time, we are able to dedicate all of our time and energy to each case at hand, making sure not to bypass any detail no matter how small it may be. Attempt To Identify strives to help law enforcement, families and friends of victims, as well as associations & organizations with interest in the cases at hand to the best of our abilities.

"Making the distinction between missing persons and unidentified bodies is never an easy task; however the "not knowing" is far worse than any news given."

A word from the founder of Attempt To Identify:

Many people have asked me why I started this company or do the volunteer work I do, after all it's not easy to sift through thousands of case files matching unidentified remains to missing person’s cases or helping authorities track down exploited women and children, often who are matched to Doe files.

To that I say: "It’s more than time we continue to raise our voices so that everyone knows just how many women and young girls are subjected to physical and sexual abuse by violent offenders and often end up dead as a result. These are human beings! They're children of God who are discarded like trash on the side of a road and some whose name will never be known. It's up to us to change that reality."

The statistics are astonishing. More than 800,000 women and children are sold each year across the globe as slaves or into the sex trade, where many of them are beaten, drugged and forced to have sex and bare children to their captures. Some are branded like cattle by their abusers, some never make it out of that life. People wonder why someone would act in such a horrible way to another human being. To humiliate, torture, rape and enslave someone; to murder our sisters, our mothers, our children.

One insidious generality is that we live in a disposable culture. Materialism and greed under the guise of convenience has taught us that things are disposable and easily replaced. People are just as disposable to some as your used coffee cup from today's breakfast.

Some will never know the horrors which are felt long after someone is rescued or becomes a survivor of sexual assault, physical assault, sexual exploitation or human trafficking. I hope to help put an end to these horrible crimes through awareness so it becomes a thing of the past and no one has to suffer anymore. Until that happens I will help those who are victims get the help they need.

Education is fundamental
Common myths about runaways & those who are exploited:

• One myth is that they want to be gone. That's why they ran away! - The truth is far from that in more than 95% of all runaway cases.

• Another myth is that everyone files police reports on missing children and adults. Again, this is sadly not the truth.

Many children who are in the foster care system, who comes from broken homes, or are simply not well cared for fall prey to these predetors in waiting. These children are the most vulnerable to the manipulation and false promises that traffickers use to secure their trust and dependency. Many of these children have been abandoned, orphaned, abused and neglected. Too many of these traumatized children run away because they believe it’s the best option available to them. There has always been and sadly continues to be more young girls and women who are enslaved into sexual exploitation and who are trafficking victims.
Recently there has been a spike in young boys and men becoming victims of the same brutal trades and while their numbers are less, they deserve the same attention. Most of the percentage of runaways who are male are over 18. That does not mean that they should not receive advocacy and help to heal and live a full life. Men and women, children and teenagers of all races, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations are trafficked and assaulted and end up case files on people's desks every year; we need to help put a stop to that. Finally there is more awareness; also there are some agencies who are working together now more than ever before to end human trafficking and help missing persons.
Please read through this info on Operation Cross Country 8

Not everyone that runs away or "disappears" wants to be gone! Not every child who seems rebellious is acting out without just cause. For many, it is the furthest from the fact. These children are in pain. Some experience a pain so very deep even they cannot express it and are often misunderstood and fall prey to those looking to exploit them. Others become victimized by the very people who were supposed to care for them. We must protect their innocence. No matter how the act out, these are children! They need our love and support.

I have experienced some of the pain I have described above. I suffered abuse and fell prey to predators every step of the way; hurt by those whose only focus was to destroy whatever was left of my self worth and innocence. They saw me coming a mile away, because it is exactly what they look for!

Like so many of the cases I have worked, I've seen human behavior at its worst and have seen the evil in man. I’ve felt horrible suffering. A suffering my family never knew about until it was too late. When I was away from home some people even felt that I was either "stubborn" or did not want to be found. In truth, I could not get away from those who held me captive and were abusing me and was in pain every moment of my existence; physically and emotionally.

I could have been any of these cases you read about in the newspaper or online. Any one of the "unknown" bodies found alongside the road, thrown in dumpsters or landfills. Anyone can! That is what we need to understand. I am blessed to be alive and it is only by the grace of God that I am. My life now is polar opposite of what it once was and for many years I have done my best to try to help those with similar situations escape the life that they are trapped in and help family and friends of the missing find their loved ones; even if they are no longer alive. I feel it is better to know and give their loved ones some sense of closure than to have them be totally unaware of what reality they had faced.

If I can help find those who were lost, thrown away, abused, exploited, missing, murdered or forgotten and help them get some justice or give their family any closure...even just one case, to me that makes it all worth it. I'm thankful to God for the chance at a better life, the gifts I've been given, and want to continue to do His work. I invite you to do the same. If you see someone in need, a girl or boy lost and afraid, do NOT hesitate to help! Call the police if nothing else, but do not turn a blind eye to human suffering. Thank you.

UPDATE: A Missing Persons section has been added to this site with select cases, since there are so many other sites which list missing cases, note that these are only a few we are actively working. Visit the links page for a list of many websites which lists missing person cases of all types. According the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Crime Information Center (NCIC) there are 84,961 active missing cases in the United States as of December 31, 2015. According to a 2001 University of Pennsylvania study, an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 adolescents are sexually exploited annually in the U.S. NCIC also reports 8,407 active cases of unidentified persons, 850 of which were entered into the system in 2015 alone. ATI is currently directing attention to cold cases and which are not listed as family abductions. Click Here For The Latest Annual Report From The NCIC. Please take a look at the page and if you have any information, contact the local agency working the case or you may contact us and we will pass along the information to who is working the case currently. If you have a case that is in need of our attention or expertise or if you know someone who is a victim of commercial sexual exploitation please send us an email or fill out the form below. We want to hear from all of you that may need our help. And I along with other volunteers will do our best to be of assistance!

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