"Making the distinction between missing persons and unidentified bodies is never an easy task; however the "not knowing" is far worse than any news given."

The following is a list of ATI's contributors.

We would like to take this time to personally thank the following persons which all helped ATI with case# 0042 (AZ Jane Doe now identified as: Tawni Lee Mazzone)

Michael Ukich for all his help with the trip to Arizona, Michael personally contributed time and a lot of money to aid us in the search for now identified.

Medical Examiner Suzi Dodt for her tireless work on cold cases, without you Suzi this case would not have received the attention it deserved. You are exceptional and we all appreciate your work!

Forensic Artists Diana P. Trepkov for her sketch which we used on posters, flyers and billboards, this sketch was wonderfully done and we really appreciate it.

D/Sgt Donald C. Stahl - Criminal Investigations Division Of The Charles County Sheriff's Office for his photo reconstruction work.

Christine (websleuths.com) for all she does in helping shed light on new and cold cases, we thank websleuths.com as a whole and Christine as an individual - thank you!

EmilyE (websleuths.com) For her mention of ATI's work in Arizona Well we know at times we had people on the ground in Arizona searching from ATI. Also all the posting on internet sites and things. But, we just managed to miss this family. We do know now that if we had kept pounding in Arizona eventually we should have ran into them or someone who knew them. This leads me to believe, more of us on the streets with flyers, more of us writing to newspapers for letters to the editor, more of us posting on sites, will make the difference. This case has shown me though, it is lack of media attention and people on the ground that can lose a persons name forever. The family's can't possibly do it all on their own for various reasons.
Word could never be more true - this case should show all of us that media attention is what we need!

John Kirby President & CEO of camobilemedia.com for his generous offer for high-traffic area billboards. We really appreciate it!

The Arizona Republic for their publishing of the case info

The Phoenix New Times For their publishing of the case info and update(s) on bringing justice for Tawni Lee Mazzone.

Without you all none of this would be possible, thank you!

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