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Lancaster had uncovered Walker's real name after tracking down the other person in the Cadillac that night in January 1999: Spokane, Washington resident Lindsey DeJong, who hadn't been charged.

DeJong repeated a story similar to what she'd told police in 1999 that the young girl, whose name she allegedly couldn't remember had leapt from the Cadillac on the freeway after Walker wouldn't pull over and let her out.

"Based on what [DeJong] told me, I believe that Walker was trying to turn Tawni into a prostitute and that they were on their way to a truck stop in Eloy or someplace near there," Lancaster told New Times on Sunday. "Lindsay said she tried to grab her by her feet, but she just went out the window, and William wouldn't stop to help her. It was a very cold-blooded act on his part. She was just a piece of meat to him." (Police had stopped the Cadillac on I-10 about 20 miles east of the tragic scene after passersby called in.)

William Walker waived extradition from California to Arizona, to await disposition of his 1999 probation-violation case. He did so just days before the dizzying series of events that was about to end with the formal identification of 99-305.

Walker is being held without bond in the Pinal County Jail.

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Case Profile

Female Jane Doe Now Identified As Tawni Lee Mazzone
Age: 27 - originally listed as age: 13 to 18 years old
Date Found: Jan. 26, 1999
Date of Death: Jan. 27, 1999
Location: Pinal County, AZ

Details Of This Case:
Note: Updated Info From Doe Network Is Listed In Red

Victim was located alive on January 26th, 1999.
The victim either fell, jumped or was pushed from a moving vehicle at Interstate 10, at milepost 173.5
eastbound in Pinal County, Arizona on January 26th, 1999.
She died at a Scottsdale hospital the following day.
Cause of death is undetermined.

The people in the vehicle with her never came forward to identify her.
The girl was White, 5 feet 4 inches and weighed 110 to 130 pounds.
She had 16-inch-long blonde hair with brown roots, and her eyes were blue.

This girl is believed to have jumped out of a moving vehicle in Pinal County. She later died in a hospital in Scottsdale. The people in the vehicle with her told police that she was a hitchhiker they picked up in central Phoenix but she never said her name. She was possibly living on the streets or prostituting in the central Phoenix area.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Long, blonde hair with brown roots; hair length is 16" long; blue eyes; light brown eyebrows. Light complexion.
She had a tattoo of a blue "heart" on the left side of her chest.

Dentals: Available. She had dental fillings.

Jewelry: 1 Yellow metal earring with clear stone,
2 yellow metal (gold) earrings with black stones, one white (silver) metal navel ring.

Please note her DNA "is" in the database!

ATI will be back in Arizona working the new details of this case again this January 24th - 28th 2008.
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